Your Email Campaign Strategy-2019

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Things are changing at a quick pace in email marketing and it is important for email marketers to keep in tow.

This is a small initiative by the Monks to roundup all the important findings, useful announcements and workarounds in the constantly changing email marketing industry. We shall be highlighting the important announcements at the end of each quarter.

Email Marketing Industry Updates

1. Email Attention Span has INCREASED!

Analyzing billions of emails using Litmus Email Analytics, it was found that the percentage of emails read for more than 18 seconds has grown to 44.4% in 2016 from 38.4% in 2011. This is really great news for email marketers! Read more about the study.

What’s in it for you?

  • Now that you know subscribers are interested in reading emails, you have to make sure you don’t do anything wrong. Copy, design, coding- everything needs to be perfect.
  • You also must make the most of this opportunity and try out better ways to convert them into customers through your email campaigns.

2. 80:20 is the new ideal Text-to-Image Ratio

As most email clients, by default, block automatic image downloads, there are chances that your recipients may delete your email or even mark it as spam. Mailchimp recently suggested an 80 percent text to 20 percent images ratio as a general guideline to overcome the issue (to some extent). 

What’s in it for you?

  • Make sure you use enough text in the body of your email so that subscribers understand the purpose of your email regardless of images being turned on or off. Alt text plays an important role here.
  • Send a test email before you send the campaign to your subscribers so that you know whether it is getting delivered or not.
  • You will also have to test different text: image ratios to find the one that is apt for your business.

3. Marketers are sending Fewer Emails

According to a Sendgrid study, marketers are sending emails at a lesser frequency than they did in 2016 and are also enjoying better open rates. From 9.8 emails per month in 2016 there seems to be a change in the email frequency, which has decreased to 8.1 emails per month this year. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Frequent emailing can ruffle your subscribers’ feathers. In fact, it is the major reason why many subscribers unsubscribe!
  • The best way to find out the frequency that clicks for you, is to ask subscribers when they opt-in about how often they want to hear from you. This will increase your email open rate and in turn improve deliverability, too.

4. Apple iPhone continues to lead the pack

Litmus, which conducts a worldwide email client usage study every month from 1.17 billion email opens, found the following results for the month of February ‘17

  • Apple iPhone 31%
  • Gmail 21%
  • Apple iPad 11%

Based on data gathered by Adestra, during the same period, they found the following results for email client usage:

  • Apple iPhone 31.2%
  • iPad 21.6%
  • Outlook: 14.1 %

What’s in it for you?

  • Email clients have their own rules. This goes to say that each client will render your email in a different way.
  • You have to consider how your emails will look across inboxes and devices.
  • An email client guide provides an overview of the most popular email clients so that you can set your email campaigns accordingly.

Workarounds by the Monks

  • The busy beavers at EmailMonks are always trying to find out workarounds for issues related to email designing and coding. In Q1, they had these two Eureka moments:, Live Web emails, and Hotmail put forth a peculiar challenge when it comes to rendering images in emails. Remember seeing that unnecessary space below images? The wise Monks found out a workaround!.
  • By using a certain VML code, it was possible to add a background image in Outlook 2007-2013 but not in or Windows Live. The perseverant Monks have finally found out a way to beat this drawback!.

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