Google investigating a new indexing bug – this time with Google News

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Oh no – another indexing related bug. But this one is limited to only a few Google News publishers.

Google said they are investigating yet another indexing bug, this time with Google News content.

Unrelated to last week’s indexing bug. Google said this new indexing bug is “not related to last week’s indexing issue, which was resolved.” According to Google, the new bug is only impacting certain Google News publishers.

Publishers may recall last November’s discovery issue with Google News, wherein publisher content wasn’t being indexed with relevant queries. Currently, it’s unclear if this new indexing bug is related.

Indexing few publishers. Google said this new indexing bug is only impacting a “limited number of publishers.”

Investigating now. Google also added that they are currently investigating the issue and will report back when they know more. “We’re actively diagnosing the news issue now,” Google wrote.

Why we should care. If you have content published to Google News, you may be impacted by this indexing bug and should take steps to make the content available elsewhere if that’s the case.

Google is working on solving the issue – but we’ll be on the lookout until then.

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